2021 BMW 8 Series

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840i Coupe

2021 BMW 8 Series

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$ 85,000 - $ 121,400







Miles per Gallon

23 - 30 MPG

BMW 8 Series Years



BMW 8 Series Pros

Handsome styling
Powerful engine
Excellent handling
Luxurious interior and ride
All-wheel drive

BMW 8 Series Features & Specs

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BMW 8 Series Highlights

The BMW 8-series is an expensive car, nobody will ever accuse the car of being a bargain, but at the same time it's not exactly a bad value either. Nice things are expensive, and the 8-Series is very much a nice thing. One could maybe get all that luxury for cheaper, and there are certainly faster cars out there for less money. But combine those traits and add in an absolutely gorgeous body, and the list of cars providing all three of these things begins to shrink rapidly. Ultimately though, much of the decision will come down to looks. Buyers will simply fall in love with the car and have to have it. Thankfully, there's enough on offer that comes with that styling to justify the lofty price. Plus, at the end of the day, all that money does indeed buy exclusivity.

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