2021 GMC Canyon

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2WD Ext Cab 128" Elevation Standard

2021 GMC Canyon

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$ 26,400 - $ 44,700





Miles per Gallon

19 - 25 MPG

GMC Canyon Years



GMC Canyon Pros

Powerful engines
Towing capacity
Relatively compact footprint
Good fuel economy
Quiet ride
Available 4-wheel drive

GMC Canyon Features & Specs

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GMC Canyon Highlights

The GMC Canyon fits the bill for people who need solid utility but appreciate the fuel economy compromises a full-sized pickup truck bring with it. As trucks have gotten more capable, they've also gotten bigger. Some buyers are looking for a truck's cargo capacity but don't want to give up fuel economy or maneuverability. Enter the GMC Canyon, with a footprint that's not much bigger than the average mid-size sedan. The GMC Canyon competes with such compact trucks as the Toyota Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier.

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