2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA

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CLA 250 4MATIC Coupe

2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA

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$ 37,850 - $ 55,350





Miles per Gallon

24 - 33 MPG

Mercedes-Benz CLA Years



Mercedes-Benz CLA Pros

Coupe-like styling
Mercedes-Benz cachet
Interior technology
Inexpensive base price
Sporty driving experience

Mercedes-Benz CLA Features & Specs

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Mercedes-Benz CLA Highlights

The Mercedes Benz CLA competes primarily with compact sedans and coupes from Mercedes' two biggest German rivals, namely the BMW 2-series and the Audi A3. While the 2-series is a true coupe with only two doors, the Audi A3 has somewhat stodgy upright proportions, meaning that the CLA manages to split the difference between its two rivals with its coupe like profile and four-doors. And despite no longer being the least expensive car in Mercedes' lineup, the CLA still has a base price that is affordable for luxury cars buyers.

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